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The Radar Design Group is an experienced and Multi-Skilled Team of Professional Radar Designers that provides complete Radar Systems Design and Development services - from concept design to hardware design to custom application software design to system integration to final field testing we provide a comprehensive bespoke service for all your Radar requirements.

We understand that every requirement can be different and therefore we endeavor to provide what you and your customers specifically want - all at extremely competitive prices.

The Radar Design Group Team comp rises of several specialist designers with several hundred years of combined Radar Design experience. The core Radar Design Group Team has over the years designed and built over 60 different Radar systems for different applications.

Full service Design Services provided at extremely competitive prices

Comprehensive Radar Design Services:

The Radar Design Team has expertises in the following domains

  • Radar System Design & Architecture
  • RF Design
  • Digital Circuit Design
  • Antenna Design
  • Radar Signal Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Application Software Design
  • Graphics Software Design


  • Complete Service from Concept Design to Manufacturing Drawings and Training

  • Full Turnkey or System Level Design Services

  • IP Transfered To Customers At Completion of Job

  • Complete Training Given On Completion of Project 




World's First Truly 3D Bird Radar Designed By The Radar Design Group Team




Some of The Radars Designed & Built By The Radar Design Group Team:

  • Doppler Weather Radars
  • Radar Wind Profilers
  • Air Surveillance Radars
  • Ground Surveillance Radars
  • Synthetic Aperture Radars
  • Foliage Penetration Radars
  • Ground Penetration Radars
  • Airborne Imaging GPR
  • UAV Mounted SAR 
  • Behind The Wall Radars
  • Bird Detection & Tracking Radars
  • 3D & 4D Radar Systems
  • Target Tracking Radars 

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